The Ceres system is composed of electronic equipment and computer software, responsible for managing the storage of grains in silos or warehouses, with the greatest differential being the use of digital sensors in thermometry reading.

These sensors have high accuracy and reliability, providing safe parameters for decision-making in the conduct of storage.

In addition to high-tech equipment and sensors, Procer stands out for the consultancy provided in the conduction of storage, where we have a team dedicated to the analysis of silos and warehouses through remote monitoring. The system sends all information in real time, via the internet, where users can access data and command aeration from anywhere in the world.


The system consists of the following parts:


– Digital thermometry: it performs the measurement of temperature in several points in the mass of grains. It has as main highlight the use of high precision digital sensors (maximum error of ± 0,5ºC).

NOTE: There is the option of connecting the Thermocouple (Type T) pendulums to the system, although they do not have the same accuracy and reliability as the digital sensor.

– Automatic aeration: system has equipment for the activation of the aerators, according to the parameters of the grain, climatic conditions, storage mode (drying, cooling, conservation) and energy demand.

– Weather station: equipped with high precision sensors, for temperature measurement, relative humidity and rain gauge (presence and volume of rain).

– Wireless communication: system eliminates the use of cables between devices and computer, making installation easier and reducing costs.

– Management software: provides the visualization of information in real time, historical analysis, configuration and activation of the aeration.

Objectives with the CERES Storage Management System:


  • Eliminate waste of energy, providing great savings in storage. Historically, the average savings on our customers is 30% to 50%.

  • Preserve grain yield.

  • Maintain grain quality with excellence and safety.

  • Reduce the need for purge.

  • Take advantage of the ideal climatic conditions for drying and cooling, keeping the grain free of fungi, mites and mycotoxins.

Key Features

  • Visualization and analysis of thermometry.

  • Stock management: grain stock information from silos and branches.

  • Data integration via the Internet: users can access data and configure the system from anywhere via the internet.

  • Historical record: it is possible to issue graphs and reports for historical analysis of thermometry, stocks and automatic aeration.

  • Aeration trigger settings: do not connect at peak times, drying easily editable rules for drying, cooling and conservation, correction of high temperatures, among others.

  • Table of hygroscopic balance for various types of grains (rice, soy, corn, wheat, among others).

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Copyright © 2020 Procer | All rights reserved