Our story:


We’re a brazilian company, located in Santa Catarina, in the city of Criciúma, Procer Automação e Sistemas was conceived with the purpose of adding the best technologies in grain storage, contributing to the reduction of the technological imbalance of the productive chain in the country.

With the great experience of its founders in agricultural automation, in the development of solutions in temperature and humidity control, Procer pioneered the use of digital sensors in the management of grain storage.

From the precision and reliability of the digital sensors, there was a great evolution and breakdown of paradigms, proving that the technology used until then could lead to errors in the conduction of storage, causing energy wastage and great qualitative and quantitative losses in the products, placing in food safety risk.


Since its founding, Procer stands out for the search for new scientific and practical knowledge, developed with customers / partners, which have provided great results in quality and economy.


Allied to high technology, Procer has as a major differential making each customer a partner, through consulting, service and remote monitoring, building together a legacy of evolution in grain storage.


Our dream:


“To be recognized as a leader in Latin America in innovation in post-harvest grain management, generating a legacy to food security and the agribusiness sector, with strong human and socio-environmental value."


Our business:


“Maximize profit from the crop."


Our mission:


“Ensuring quality in grain storage through innovative post-harvest management solutions".


Our vision:

“To be recognized as the leading company in Latin America in innovation in post-harvest grain management."


Our Principles:

  • Commitment to customer success;

  • Valorization of the human being;

  • Durable relationships;

  • Love for what it does;

  • Excellence and Innovation;

  • Integrity and Justice.

Rua São Miguel do Oeste, 836, Bairro Ceará - Criciúma / SC - Brazil

Contact Headphones +55 (48) 3045 6705 +55 (48) 9 8841 1054

Email: procer@procer.com.br

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Copyright © 2020 Procer | All rights reserved

Copyright © 2020 Procer | All rights reserved