One of the pillars of the company since its inception was the work of consulting alongside with out clients, where we are not limited to supplying equipment only, but also for following the processes in a broad way seeking scientific and practical knowledge, thus developing the best practices in the segments where we work with our solutions.


Complementing the consultancy, PROCER has a sector dedicated to remote monitoring to analyze the systems installed in our clients / partners, providing great security and convenience. This activity is performed daily with highly qualified personnel, using software tools and maintaining constant contact with customers. Analyzes are made of each step of the process, identifying risk factors and executing the necessary actions to obtain the best results in quality, economy and process improvement.


The remote monitoring of the CERES Storage Management System is one of the great innovations that PROCER has offered to the grain segment in Brazil. The results of the monitoring with the CERES system were of great evolution in the sector, mainly in the quality of the grain, energy saving, reduction of the necessity of purging and internal logistics in the silos and warehouses.

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Copyright © 2020 Procer | All rights reserved

Copyright © 2020 Procer | All rights reserved