Digital Thermometry

Digital Thermometry

The Future of Storage today!

Product developed with the highest technology in temperature measurement, used by the biggest companies in the world in the sector, offering a great advance in the control of grain storage.

It brings as a differential, the great precision in the measurements (with a maximum error of ± 0,5ºC), and the fact that the measurement is sent to the equipment in digital format. This feature maintains its reliability even over time, without the need for calibration.

In conventional thermometry using thermocouple sensors, for example, significant variations in measurement can occur due to several factors, including temperature gradients along the cabling, measuring equipment and aging of the conductors.

Corroborating with this information, IN No. 29 of CONAB has the following statement: “The thermometry system should allow the reading of the temperature registered in the installed sensors. It is recommended that this reading is always done on a fixed schedule, preferably in the morning. ” PROCER digital thermometry does not suffer from these interferences, providing reliable data regardless of time and external conditions.


  • Accurate and reliable measurements
  • Great robustness and durability
  • Automatic real-time reading on the computer
  • Emission of graphs and reports
  • Access to data via the internet
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Storage safety
  • Equipment enables certification in CONAB